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L.E.E.A.D Inclusively

This is our signature Leadership keynote


Ten years from now by the year 2027, 49 percent of high school seniors will be students of color. Yet, historically and today, African American, Latino/a, and Native American students are notably less likely than students from other racial and ethnic groups to enter and complete college. Higher education has a role to play in addressing this issue!

In this program, we provide students and staff with a framework for needed dialogue, self-assessment, and action. We also teach students and staff how to connect with other students on campus who traditionally have been underserved in higher education.

Your students will learn:

  • Love, we need more love in the world

  • Education changes Situations

  • Effort is everything

  • Advocate for students who are different

  • Dedication is key to successful leadership

  • And much, much more...

This program is a must for any college focused on improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on campus!

On stage connecting with 500+ youth talking to them about the importance of LOVE in the world. Watch the video on the homepage, I received a standing ovation at the end of this program! #Humbled!

Despite the mean face (I was trying to match the picture in the background), I earned a Master's degree in Leadership and I was a leader on my college campus, on my college and professional basketball teams and in Corporate America, so my ideas and strategies come from years of research and real world experience.

The Future of Leadership

This is our most requested Leadership workshop

There’s hundreds of “speakers” out there, but how do you know if you’ve picked the right one, especially for a program designed to prepare your students for the Future of Leadership? Solomon has a Master's degree in Leadership, where his focus was centered on 21st century leadership practices. The picture to the left is Solomon with a few of the leadership awards he received while working in leadership at Target. He currently works for and part of his responsibility is to design, develop and facilitate leadership and diversity training programs across the world. His programs are based on years of research and his college and corporate experience.


21st Century Leadership is a perspective of leadership intended to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities of today’s world. Not solely the domain of those “in charge,” leadership is something in which everyone participates; that's what 21st Century Leadership is all about!

In summary, 21st Century Leadership is a multidimensional and integrative view of leadership that is based on relationships. Whether you're the formal or informal leader, shared purposes and aspirations, leadership brings forward new ways of being, knowing, and doing, while respecting the developmental nature of the human life. 21st Century Leadership is oriented toward being inclusive, collaborative, and of service, to individuals, the social good, and ecological sustainability.

This program is a must for ALL students who may be in a position of leadership in the future!

Elevate Your Student Leadership


Student leadership can be a scary thing for potential student leaders, but this program helps remove that fear. Ordinary students become extraordinary leaders when they serve the people they lead. Based on Solomon’s best-selling book, ‘Elevate Your Student Leadership,’ this program educates, engages and empowers student leaders to Motivate and Value People; to Maximize their Value as People (Leaders) and to effectively establish a Mission and a Vision for every Project. Your students will leave this program with an increased sense of commitment, compassion, courage and community! Students usually wait in line long after the program just to talk to and connect with Solomon.


Your students will learn:

  • Techniques to move students to action by moving them with emotion

  • How to avoid making the biggest mistake that most student leaders make

  • How to empower the students they lead to be servant leaders

  • Why it’s critically important to incorporate Solomon’s 4-C concept for the success of their organization! The 4 C’s are Commitment, Compassion, Courage and Community

  • How to connect with students as individuals, before they connect with them in a group

  • The keys to leaving any organization “different” and “better” than when they joined

This program helps students focus on the ABC's of successful student leadership. Students are more prepared to take (A)ction, improve leadership (B)ehavior and lead with (C)haracter and confidence.

This program is a must for all student leaders.

Hanging out with a group of First-Generation college students after I keynoted the University of California, Berkeley's First-Generation Conference. I usually hang around after each event and take

pictures and sign copies of my book. #AlwaysHumbled!

If your organization has a specific topic that you’d like Solomon to present on, we can customize a program specifically for your needs.

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