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Storytelling is just one of the strategies we use to keep students

locked in and engaged in our programs!

Why Are We Here?

(Popular Black History Month Presentation)


If you asked your students that question, what would be their answer? Are you interested in having a presentation that engages your students in conversation that promotes diversity and inclusion? What about a program that reduces racial tension and increases campus collaboration?

What about a program that helps your students connect their ideas to the ideas of some of our worlds greatest past and present leaders?

This is not just some boring history program, this is an engaging, thought provoking program that will inspire your students and help them move closer to their purpose in life.

In this program, we help your students become the best version of themselves by empowering them to be more engaged citizens on campus, in their careers and ultimately in their communities!

Your students will leave this program with an action plan in place that helps them uncover the answer to the question, “Why are we here?”

You Don't Like Me Because

You Don't Know Me!

(Most Popular Diversity and

Inclusion Workshop)


Race, gender, equality and equity are at the forefront of diversity and inclusion conversations. To effectively engage students and staff, colleges and universities must begin with a clear-eyed look at themselves, and then put into place mechanisms of change that are responsive to students’ criticisms. Having the right program for these concerns will be critical for building understanding of the drivers of fear-based, anti-diversity thinking. This is where we come in!

Our objective in this program is to work with your students and staff by engaging them in dialogue that will help them grow into the leaders our diversifying nation needs them to be. 

Left unaddressed, unconscious biases can influence countless judgments and choices made on your campus daily—all day, every day. As long as individuals remain unaware of their own unconscious biases, the effects of unconscious bias itself will go unconsidered, and harmful associations connected with race, gender, age, and so on will continue to plague your campus.

Our strategy is to engage colleges and universities in renewing their engagement with student leaders and focusing on how best to diversify their campuses and reduce the feelings of isolation that can impede learning.

This program is a must for any college focused on improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on campus!

If your organization has a specific topic that

you'd like Solomon to present on, we can customize a program specifically

for your needs.

How to Talk About Race at Work

This is our signature keynote

Have you ever engaged in a dialogue about race and the conversation made you uncomfortable? Do you avoid conversations about race because you don’t want to “say the wrong thing and offend someone?”  If so, you’re not alone.


Conversations about race can make some people feel uncomfortable, so if you're one of those people, we're created a program called B.R.A.V.E. Circles that engages organizations in conversations about race at work. .    

Organizations will Learn: 

  • Why it's important to take a deep Breathe when preparing foe a dialogue about race at work. 

  • Why it's important to Respect the person you're having a conversation with, even if you have a different worldview. 

  • How to Acknowledge the feelings and perspectives of the person you're conversing with. 

  • How to show the person you're having a conversation with that you Value them.

  • Why it's important to Emphasize your plan to support!

This program is a must for organizations looking to engage their employees in conversations about race at work. 

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