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"Simply stated, Solomon Wilkins is a unicorn. He's one of the rare speakers that can connect with students in Urban America as well as students from rural and suburban backgrounds. You can place other speakers in those environments and they may be ok,

but Solomon excels. He has a rare gift and I highly recommend him for ANY speaking event ANYWHERE!"

In today's complex world, leadership, and diversity and inclusion are three

of the most misunderstood, but most important topics for

short and long-term student success!

Get Our Inclusion & Diversity Toolkit: These weekly

Tips Will Help You Increase Campus Collaboration, Student Retention and Student Success!


Leadership, diversity and inclusion play a key role in everything that makes a college campus successful! Our goal at Solomon Wilkins International is to arouse awareness about the importance of having a diverse and inclusive campus! We are committed to supporting your goals of helping create a college community that is representative and inclusive of individuals with different backgrounds, talents, and skills.


Our vision is to provide every student that experiences our program a safe and civil environment that encourages awareness of, curiosity about, and respect for those whose insights and experiences come from varied backgrounds! We motivate learners to discover the achievements and traditions of other cultures, which helps them fully appreciate their own heritage, while simultaneously developing greater awareness for other cultures.

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Leadership Development

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • First-year College Success Programs

  • Black history month programs

  • College to Career Preparation

  • Customized programs

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